Distraction of Purpose


Distraction of Purpose

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:04
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I’ve been contemplating the subject of Distractions for quite a few years now. It all started when I realized just how much we are distracting ourselves with needless activities to avoid thinking about our problems - or to escape them. Many years ago, I was in the midst of a healing process in my life. I decided that it would be best for my own healing if I stayed away from television, movies, games, excess social activities, social media and mainstream media. Plus, all the other little things that life offers to distract us, such as getting involved in other people’s problems. I found that these things kept me from working on myself, so I eliminated them. Case closed. Or was it?


When the same subject came up again a couple of years later, I realized that I’d gone back to my bad habits once more. At this point, I watched Morgan Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which was about branding and advertising in movies and TV shows. It taught me that we are being constantly bombarded with media images, product branding, marketing and advertising. Our homes are filled with it. Web pages online are filled with it. Television shows, videos, and movies are filled with it. Commercials are blatant displays of it. Two words: Subliminal programming. We buy products because we see them advertised. After a while, it becomes a status thing- much like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I'm on Facebook, are you? There are advertisements for products and brands everywhere!

The movie went on to discuss how we buy the brands that we see advertised the most. Well, this changed my buying habits and gave me an incentive to stop and think before I made a purchase. Why was I buying that product? Was it Earth friendly? Was the company supportive of the environment? These are important questions to ask, especially when product logos live in our heads. And yet, this is still another distraction.

When the subject came up again this year, the focus was on social media and how we are triggered on by the constant bombardment of bad news. Having PTSD and being an Empath, I was feeling overwhelmed with emotional energy every time I saw another news article. And then, to see it repeated over and over again by various mainstream media sources... it wore me out. Seriously, I felt like I had battle fatigue at this point from all of the Distractions we’ve had this past year, and there are probably many out there who feel the same way.

What I’ve learned from it all is this:

For every action you take, word you utter, or thought you have, ask yourself this: Whose energy am I feeding?

Everything that we do either reinforces our energy or depletes it. Learning to manage our energy better is the key. To some, money or even time represent energy. To others, such as myself, it’s about our Chi, or inner energy. In any case, what you put into something, should be what you get out of it, right? So if you are feeding brands your energy, what are you getting out of it? If you are feeding the television your energy, what are you getting in return? It’s always about Equal Energy Exchange. We must get out of it what we put into it. If we are not, we are only depleting ourselves.

Now, let’s take it to another level. If you are being bombarded with the negative energy of others - in any way, shape, or form - soon, your energy will match that negative energy, because energy attracts like energy.

If you are overwhelmed with negative energy, it’s difficult to sit in the silence and wrestle your own demons, or even listen to your own thoughts, or do things for yourself. After a point, anxiety takes over, and you can’t force yourself to do anything, let alone take care of nurturing yourself.

The question that I want to ask you is this: How are you being true to your goals and dreams? Are you able to shut out the world and focus on your needs? Or is reality too distracting?

I pray you the peace that you need to find and follow your own true path!

Michelle Hawksong Phillips is an Author, Channel, Intuitive, Seer, Dreamer, Healer, and Artist living in Albuquerque NM. Her first book, The Psychic Key, is available on Kindle.

Submitted by Alicia Stettler Sun, 03/25/2018 - 04:25

Distraction is real! I used to be immersed in the world of reality TV and social media drama, so much that I wasn't aware of what I actually wanted in life. It sucked up my energy and kept me in a dormant state of being. It was uncomfortable coming out of this at first but eventually led to great changes. Having a clearer mind has helped me become more connected with my goals and dreams.